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I have been shooting professionally for over 30 years. I specialize in sports, but shoot commercial work as well. I am the St. Louis Blues and the St. Louis Rams Team Photographer, in addition to being a photographer for the St. Louis Cardinals. I am also a contract photographer for USAToday Sports Photos. I have worked for European Pressphoto Agency, Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine and other editorial clients. I am also a part time instructor at the Creve Coeur Camera School of Imaging.

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Guestbook for Scott Rovak
2.René Bruun(non-registered)
Scott, just found your work ref a friend on Twitter, my god man, amazing. I never delved into the world of Sports Photography but will send you a PM about it. By the way, even though I live in Dublin Ireland, the Cardinals are 'my team'.

Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.
1.John Weitzman(non-registered)
great Photos, can one sign up for your site ?
The guestbook is empty.